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Safety Training

Safety training that creates a “safe production” culture.

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Our simple to use system allows you to deliver consistent training from top to bottom with full accountability and visibility.

Any processes or information that needs trained or communicated can be delivered and documented via Tyfoom.

Our proprietary techniques enhance learning, retention and on the job performance.

“You can’t put a price on a product that has already saved the life of one of our team members. We love the fact that safety and sales training happens not only at headquarters but wherever our employees are.”

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Send out real time messages and see those who have viewed it.

Tyfoom training changes behavior regardless if its safety, sales or culture…


Administrators have real time analytics.


Track video streaks, quiz scores, badges and video history.


Send alerts to your employees that are out on the job. Let them know of any information or danger they should be aware of.

Training Pause

Training pauses ensure employees never miss trainings.

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