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UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 9 Tyfoom

FOUNDED 2017  CITY Springville  EMPLOYEES 7, plus 20 contractors  INDUSTRY Training/Software  WEBSITE FOUNDER Mark Nelson, 48  THE COMPANY A mobile productivity, training and communication platform. HAPPY GO LUCKY Companies are jumping on the Tyfoom train, thanks to its offerings of consistent, engaging training programs (read: not mind-numbingly boring) and enhanced productivity for employees. And from crucial safety trainings to statistics to accountability metrics to helpful [...]

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Tyfoom Headquarters gets a new home

After years of hard work, Tyfoom Headquarters got a new home. We moved out of our home offices and into a beautiful historic building. Tyfoom moved into the 3rd floor of the building known as the H.T. Reynolds Building c. 1892, located at 200 South and Main Street in Springville, Utah.  We are incredibly excited about our new office - it is bright, spacious, comfortable and welcoming. We enjoy [...]

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Developing Rockstar Employees

A plethora of additional and new content was added to our library of now over 500 training videos. Including Material Handling, Heavy Equipment, MSHA, Toxic and Hazardous Substances -New Silica and Beryllium Standards and Confined Spaces. As we could now see the light at the end of the tunnel for covering OSHA content, we were able to keep this going while amping up our HR style topics. Many [...]

Tyfoom 1.4

TYFOOM 1.4- March/April 2019 Added management levels Map and manage by corporate hierarchy  Weekly admin email reports Dashboard improvements Priority video/override group schedule  This one was all about the sugar on top. For all of you that wanted to be able to mirror your organization in Tyfoom in order to take advantage of the training and communication features we offer… This one’s for you. Improvements to how you manage [...]

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Workplace violence is now the 2nd most common cause of work fatalities

OPTION 1- Here at Tyfoom we have a zero-tolerance for workplace violence and it all starts with proper training. With workplace violence on the rise, we have expanded our content to include; Workplace Violence, First Aid, Lifting and Ergonomics and Forklifts. These additional training videos pushes our library to over 400 videos. OPTION 2- Having over a year under the belt of video production, our library is continually [...]

Tyfoom 1.3

TYFOOM 1.3- September/October 2018 Added Company branding/logo You know how company-loyalty plays into job satisfaction? Yeah, we value employee loyalty to you the company. This makes it just a little bit easier to show that you are in the driver’s seat in training your employees. Customers can upload their own videos Not only can you drive, but you get to make up the map! Plan out your training for [...]

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