Smarter Training =

Risk Management

Tyfoom’s safety training prevents workplace injuries and saves money.

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Safety Training

Safety training that creates a “safe production” culture.
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Everyday Safety Mindset

Employees receive a short daily training video every work day. Tyfoom utilizes micro-learning techniques to improve retention and comprehension.

Reduce Liability and Increase Productivity

Tyfoom drives bottom line results by changing behavior that creates a safe production culture.

Track Training

See how your employees are doing collectively and individually with training history and stats.

Safe Production prevents injuries, reduces insurance costs and employee turnover, which increases production and profitability

Tyfoom will help you create a safe production culture in your company.

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Easily Record and Geotrack in Person Training’s

No more passing around a paper. Employees can sign in from their phone for a worksite training and take a quiz. With geo-location based technology know who was and wasn’t actually at the training.



Track video streaks, quiz scores, badges and video history.


Send alerts to your employees that are out on the job. Let them know of any information or danger they should be aware of.

Training Pause

Employees can request time-off of safety training

Quizzes, Stats, and Training History.

Employees can view their own training history, stats and quiz scores.

How it works

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Automate your safety training and start changing behavior that will improve your bottom line.