Tyfoom can help you and your company make (and save) money in many ways.  Please contact us at 801-717-1231 to review the many ways Tyfoom can improve your bottom line!

  • Tyfoom helps companies efficiently train employees by delivering consistent, short, engaging videos.  This reduces wasted time for boring, time-consuming, and painful training.  
  • Tyfoom turns mobile devices into a productivity tool that gets used and delivers business results.  Increased, consistent communication can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction — reducing employee turnover.
  • Tyfoom’s new custom form builder reduces paperwork and increases visibility companywide.  Collect paperless inspections, checklists, JHA’s, etc.
  • Tyfoom gives you visibility company wide of gaps in knowledge and/or processes — then help you close the gaps through specific training and communication.
  • Tyfoom can also help prevent workplace injuries — saving money on claims — reducing workers comp insurance premiums over time