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Something for Everyone

After producing hundreds of OSHA related videos, we began to also create Human Resources and Health and Wellness related videos to have a balance video library for many different types of workers and industries. So far this year we have added Human Robot Collaboration, HIPAA, HR Topics, Health and Wellness - Suicide Prevention, Healthy Eats, Customer Service, Trucking and "How To" Use Tyfoom videos. We believe our current [...]

Top 25 Workplace Management Solution Providers – 2019

 Today, the impact of technology in the workplace is unimaginable. It has modified the way traditional workplaces used to work. Technology in the workplace acts as a facilitator that makes an action or process uncomplicated to keep the whole workflow smooth and on track. Workplace management covers all resources, property, programs, technology, and processes that enhance the knowledge of workers to cooperate, innovate, work as a [...]

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Tyfoom Paterners Up with WCF

Tyfoom announced that it has partnered with WCF to bring policyholders a world class productivity, training, and communication platform.     Tyfoom is the perfect tool to help employees receive training during the workflow when they need it most and still be productive.  This technology allows employees to receive short, yet powerful training on their smartphones (says Bryan Olsen, WCF VP of Health and Safety).  Tyfoom’s platform also includes a [...]

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UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 9 Tyfoom

FOUNDED 2017  CITY Springville  EMPLOYEES 7, plus 20 contractors  INDUSTRY Training/Software  WEBSITE FOUNDER Mark Nelson, 48  THE COMPANY A mobile productivity, training and communication platform. HAPPY GO LUCKY Companies are jumping on the Tyfoom train, thanks to its offerings of consistent, engaging training programs (read: not mind-numbingly boring) and enhanced productivity for employees. And from crucial safety trainings to statistics to accountability metrics to helpful [...]

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