Consistent, Simple Safety Training

Increases production (makes money)

and prevents workplace injuries (saves money)


Everyday Safety Mindset

Automate your training! Employees receive daily 1-2 minute engaging training videos. Utilize consistent delivery and micro-learning techniques to improve retention and comprehension.

Custom Form Builder – Coming Soon

Reduce Paperwork and Increase Visibility with Accurate Data


Customize mobile forms using our drag-and-drop builder


Paperless inspections, checklists, JHA’s, etc. for a dynamic workforce


Real-time actionable business intelligence

Reduce Liability and Increase Productivity

Drive bottom line results by improving behavior that enhances your safe production culture.

Track Training

See how your employees are doing collectively and individually with training history and stats.

Easily Record and Geotrack in Person Training

No more passing around a paper. Employees can sign in from their smartphone for a worksite training and take a quiz. With geo-location based technology, you can know who was and was not at the training.


Track streaks, quiz scores, badges and video history.


Send trackable messages to your employees out on the job or in the office. Communicate any information or danger they should be aware of.

Training Pause

Employees request time-off so they don’t miss important safety training.

Quizzes, Training History, and stats

Employees can view their own training history, stats and quiz scores.

Work Safe | Reduce Rework | Increase Profits

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Automate your safety training and start changing behavior that will improve your bottom line.

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