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Feeling Safe at Work? More Than Two-Thirds Say NO

Feeling Safe at Work? More Than Two-Thirds Say NO

Imagine, two-thirds of your staff feel coming to work is a dangerous proposition. Unfortunately, they have reason to be afraid. Nearly a quarter of workers across the globe “have endured workplace violence” and 94% of American workers said they have been bullied at work according to recent surveys.

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Tyfoom Update 1.6.2

Tyfoom Update 1.6.2

Tyfoom update 1.6.2 This release is all about increasing employee engagement and helping company admins manage more efficiently. Performance score updates Added more badges to earn more often New badges include additional streak badges, annual...

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Tyfoom 1.6

Tyfoom 1.6

Mobile offline mode for home, library (videos, forms, policy, certificates, external training) pause, on-site, stat pages. Added Company separate documents Company form policies now have the ability to schedule and assign forms.

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Tyfoom 1.5.5

Tyfoom 1.5.5

Wow our developers have been busy! Not only did they add digital forms where you can create, customize and collect digital forms. They added Spanish subtitles and quiz questions to the entire Tyfoom video library and closed captioning. They also...

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how to get started

Getting Started With Tyfoom: Video Introduction

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Guide,Resources | 0 Comments

What is Tyfoom? Tyfoom is a mobile app that your company will use to deliver training and communication to you. Soon, they will send you an invite through email or text...


Resource: Sample Microlearning Video and Outline

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Guide,Resources | 0 Comments

Don’t overcomplicate training and communication! This video and outline are examples of how short and impactful video-based microlearning content can be created. To...

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eBook: Creating Effective Training in 7 Minutes or Less

by | Oct 25, 2022 | ebook,Resources | 0 Comments

We live in a reality where organizations face a difficult challenge: Transferring knowledge to new and current employees in an engaging and effective way. Yet, even if...

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Cheat Sheet: Create Effective Training in 7 Minutes

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Guide,Resources | 0 Comments

Organizations are faced with the monumental challenge of finding engaging ways to transfer skills and knowledge to employees while helping them feel empowered and...

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White Paper: 5 Steps to Developing Relevant Training

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Resources,White paper | 0 Comments

Providing employees with effective and efficient training can be a challenging endeavor. It can be equally as nerve-wracking to deliver training in a way that keeps...

videoediting feature

Free Video Editing Guide: YouCut, VLLO, Windows Editor & iMovie

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Guide,Resources | 0 Comments

Editing videos for microlearning shouldn’t be complicated or take long. In fact, if the rise of video on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok has taught us...

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True Cost of Training: Interactive ROI Calculator

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Interactive tools,Resources | 0 Comments

How much are you really spending to train your employees? Find out by answering two questions in our online calculator to see how much you are – or should be – spending...