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About Tyfoom

What is Tyfoom?

Tyfoom is the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training. We provide a simple and easy way to connect with employees and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Users access Tyfoom through a mobile app or web interface.

How can I get a demo of Tyfoom?
Please contact us at 801-717-1231 or click here and one of our representatives will walk you through a demo. 
How does Tyfoom help my company?
Tyfoom can help you and your company make (and save) money in many ways.  Please contact us at 801-717-1231 to review the many ways Tyfoom can improve your bottom line!
  • Tyfoom helps companies efficiently train employees by delivering consistent, short, engaging videos.  This reduces wasted time for boring, time-consuming, and painful training.  
  • Tyfoom turns mobile devices into a productivity tool that gets used and delivers business results.  Increased, consistent communication can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction — reducing employee turnover.
  • Tyfoom’s custom form builder reduces paperwork and increases visibility companywide.  Collect paperless inspections, checklists, JHA’s, etc.
  • Tyfoom gives you visibility company wide of gaps in knowledge and/or processes — then help you close the gaps through specific training and communication.
  • Tyfoom can also help prevent workplace injuries — saving money on claims — reducing workers comp insurance premiums over time
How can I download the Tyfoom app?
Tyfoom can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices.  Simply go to the App store for Apple products or the Google play store for Android products.  Search for “Tyfoom” and download the app on your device.
What is microlearning?
Microlearning is like bite size pieces or small sips of information. They increase engagement and retention. Over time, watching microlearning videos, employees will be able to recall specific information they need to complete a task properly. 
Is Tyfoom an LMS?
Although the Tyfoom platform has some similarities to an LMS, it is not. For one Tyfoom is mobile first.  Tyfoom was designed to be used in the flow of work and deliver high-impact results.  Our platform is also VERY SIMPLE to use for an administrator and the user.  Tyfoom’s training delivery is automated.  This reduces the admin time to deliver and document the training.  It also sends users a push notification reminder to watch the training so they don’t have to think about it. 
What devices do you support?
The Tyfoom app can be used on any mobile device that uses updated versions of iOS or Android. It may also be accessed via a web browser. 
Is Tyfoom only a delivery system for videos?

No, Tyfoom is much more.  You can send messages to the entire company, groups or individuals and have visibility they have received it, you can send company policies to be accepted, you can track in-person trainings with the click of a button, you can store all certifications and training done outside of Tyfoom in Tyfoom, and get push notifications when it will expire, and last but not least, you can do any type of electronic form for inspections or any type of checklist right from the App.

Can Tyfoom be used in any industry?

Yes, Tyfoom can be used in any industry. We have compliance based content everyone should be trained on, but you can upload your own videos to train on any topic. Many other Tyfoom features compliment any industry. 

How many videos do you have?

We currently have over 600 microlearning videos. Many videos are applicable to all businesses including topics like HR, health and wellness, communication, emergency procedures and more.  Other topics include regulatory standards set by OSHA, MSHA, DOT, DOL, etc.  

How easy is it to create video-based microlearning trainings?

Super easy. You can film a video on your phone and upload directly to the system where it can be approved by an administrator and scheduled to go out to employees. Our 5-step process helps to simplify, reducing the time needed to script out different trainings, as it focuses on bite-sized chunks of isolated best practices.

We struggle with connecting with our employees. besides training, how else can Tyfoom help?

We’ve seen many companies excel with engagement. Tyfoom has a 90% monthly engagement rate, which exceeds that of Facebook (at approximately 72% monthly engagement rate).

In addition to the videos and training, we’ve seen companies use Tyfoom to enable cultural initiatives, send out top-down messages for recognition, CEO communications and highlight an average worker. The platform is limitless in terms of what information you want to put into your employees’ hands. We have the platform that can help with this.

Purchasing Tyfoom

How do I sign up for Tyfoom?
Tyfoom is sold to organizations only.  It is free to download the Tyfoom app, but your employer must purchase a subscription before you can login to the app. 
To sign up, click here or call 801-717-1231.
How long does it take to implement Tyfoom?

It takes 3 calls to implement, with about 15 minutes of homework between calls. Homework includes sending a company logo, employee emails, approving video lists and letting your employees know what is expected. And, we actually help you plan exactly how to communicate with your employees.

The calls focus on ensuring you are comfortable with the admin panel, finalizing the setup and answering any questions you may have. We also do several follow calls to make sure things are going well and that you are comfortable creating different trainings on your own.

Does Tyfoom have a free version?
No, but you can sign up for a free trial here.
How much does Tyfoom cost?

Tyfoom has multiple plans to fit your business needs.  Standard pricing for the complete Tyfoom platform is $12 per user per month for monthly billing (and $10 per user per month for annual billing).  See pricing matrix for complete details.  Discounts are available for enterprise users. 

Is Tyfoom a monthly or annual subscription?
Tyfoom has both monthly and annual subscriptions (both with a minimum 1 year contract).  Most smaller companies are set up on autopay on a monthly recurring charge.  Larger companies typically choose to pay annually to reduce accounting and to utilize the annual billing discount.
How do I pay for Tyfoom?
Tyfoom will be set up on a recurring billing cycle.  Payments can be paid using check, ACH, or credit card depending on the size and terms of the Agreement.

Using Tyfoom

What is the TSR score?

The TSR is a performance indicator that offers a quick snapshot of a user’s success and progress in Tyfoom. It includes watching assigned videos, getting good scores on quizzes, accepting all company policies, and completing tasks. The company, divisions, and groups are also given a TSR score based on their users’ TSR.

Does Tyfoom document trainings?
Yes, Tyfoom documents all training and everything else done in the app.  All history is recorded for every employee and is visible in one place.
What languages do you support?
Currently, all of our videos are available with Spanish subtitles, with the assessment also in Spanish.

Please reach out to us to discuss your needs for other languages. 

How many administrators can you have?

As many as you feel you need. There are the roles of super administrator, administrator, and users. They can be broken down into multiple groups and divisions based on your needs. Administrators cannot see what other administrators in different divisions are doing.

Do I need to take the time to send out videos everyday? How does that work?

No! The process is completely automated. Once the video is approved, you put it in a playlist and it sends out in the order in which you place it. We want to keep admin time down to less than 15 minutes a week. You can spend more time if you really want to create videos and other training, but we make it possible for you to focus on other tasks that allow you to be more strategic as a safety director. The goal is to make you less operationally focused, and more purposeful and strategic.  

What do I do if there are videos that aren't relevant to some employees?

We make it easy to assign playlists that are relevant to only those who need to see them. Playlists can be assigned to different groups and divisions based on job responsibilities. in fact, we help you create those playlists before you launch so that you don’t have to worry about ensuring relevancy of training later.

Can I upload my company videos on Tyfoom?
Yes, we highly encourage you to upload your own content for increased employee development.  Help your employees be more productive and consistent by showing them how to do their jobs better.  It’s easy.  Take your best employees and take a few minutes to shoot a short video.  Then upload and create a short quiz.  This will archive your best practices and processes.
Can I add my own videos to be seen through Tyfoom?

Yes but only if they are approved by your company administrator.

To add your own videos to Tyfoom, tap on the blue plus (+) button in the top right corner. Tap Upload Video. Select the video you wish to upload. Provide a Video Title and Description then click Submit Video. The video will be uploaded for your administrator to approve and distribute. 

Administrators can also upload videos through the Videos tab within the admin interface. 

Can Tyfoom help build forms?

Yes, with the Tyfoom custom form builder, you can use one of our templates or very easily create your own forms of any type. 

Can I watch trainings on my computer, or do I need a mobile device?

As a companion to the app, users can complete their training through the computer. First, they will need to log into the iOS or Android app at least once, and then they view the User Portal when they login to on a computer. From the User Portal, they can view their assigned training, video training history, and full video schedule.

Can I send a notification to a single employee?

Yes, you can send a notification to a single employee, 3 specific employees, a group, multiple groups, the entire company, you name it. 

What type of files can I include in the Company Policies & Documents section?
You can upload PDF’s, JPEG’s, and Word Documents.  You can also use our authoring tool to create or copy and paste information into a text editor. 
How many files/how much data can I include in the Company Policies & Documents section?

Each user is limited to 1 GB total for all storage on the Tyfoom platform.

I'm an Admin and I have more questions.

You can find answers to commonly-asked questions by admins in our support portal at:

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