Simple. Easy. Consistent. Engaging. 

Consistent engagement, communication and training increases productivity.

Clone your best employees

Video-based microlearning helps you standardize best practices, and ensures retention with bite-sized content. A consistent cadence and repetition of topics through short video content builds confidence in learners. Deliver business results by turning mobile devices into your most powerful tool.


Tyfoom makes it simple and easy for your organization to consistently deliver highly-engaging video-based communication and training in a way that ensures retention and builds a connection with the organization. In addition, users have quick access to content anytime to help them do their job better.


Tyfoom uses gamification, social rewards and competition to increase engagement, adoption and behavioral changes. We have a 90% monthly engagement rate, exceeding most popular social media platforms. You have complete visibility of your key personal metrics and compare yourself to your teammates.


Tyfoom makes it easy to know the most important tasks to be accomplished, including video content to watch, company alerts to read, forms to complete, on-site meetings and training to attend, company policies & documents to view and messages from leadership to acknowledge. Take the guesswork out of prioritization and improve productivity.

Simple and easy

  • Simple to manage, implement and create training
  • Deliver engaging communication and training
  • Personal, bite-sized content ensures retention of concepts
  • Contextual and easy-to-apply information is fingertip accessible on-demand
  • Accountable and trackable with instant visibility dashboard
  • Ready-to-go content and playlists are available and automated

Consistent and engaging

  • Consistent daily employee communication and training
  • Engaging platform and gamification ensures usage and adoption
  • Non-disruptive delivery within flow of work to maintain productivity
  • Relevant content delivered in role- and behavior-based playlists
  • Purposeful from top-down to ensure standardization of best practices
  • Connecting employees with leadership and brand to build culture

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