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“Tyfoom is central to our strategic approach to ensure employee safety, uphold top production standards, boost productivity, foster accountability, standardize procedures and provide comprehensive training.”

– BRENDA MISUKANIS | Director of Quality Assurance


Wheeler Machinery

“Tyfoom makes us more competitive and agile. It helps us standardize the way we do business and communicate quickly with employees. Tyfoom makes it simple to create and distribute short videos to educate about code changes, new tools, handbooks, safety documentation and more.”

– Derek Davis, Vice President

Whitaker Construction

“Tyfoom enables us to connect with our colleagues and reinforce a continuously learning culture. We recognize that people are fallible and even the best make mistakes; as we assess and share learnings using the Tyfoom platform, we have experienced performance improvement.”

– Scott Parson, Americas Materials West Division President

Little Giant Ladders

“The platform is intuitive and an easy platform for our employees to engage in…Tyfoom is a must-have for all serious contractors and its repercussions within any construction organization are priceless.”

– Christopher R. Bowman, President

Olson’s Greenhouse

“Since implementing TYFOOM, Whitaker Construction has noticed a direct and positive impact to our culture, as well as our bottom line. Our projects and production is not interrupted to bring team members out of the field to deliver training, policy reviews, and acknowledgements, or company news and notices. The time and productivity savings alone far out weigh the cost of this valuable tool.”

– Dax Beaudoin, VP Risk Management & HSE

J&M Steel

“The platform is so easy to use, and it has dramatically increased our safety awareness. No more trying to document Tool Box Talks that I knew they never read. I am shocked how competitive our staff is to keep their top spots in the rankings. I love that Tyfoom can be used to send messages and alerts to field staff, and it can also house documents they can refer to. And, the support staff is fantastic.

– Greg Doerr, Vice President, Sales


“The Harris company had employees that were scheduled to go work at facilities near the areas of rioting. The manager for that location sent an alert via Tyfoom to all technicians to warn them to stay away from this area. The manager then checked the dashboard to see who had seen the alert or not to make sure all had received and acknowledged the alert. Harris’ employees have said I wish we could receive all of our communications via Tyfoom.”

– John Godbold, VP Service Operations

R&O Construction

“Delivery to every person to the device they use every day. Easy to consume. Video format is super helpful with a short quiz at the end to hold them accountable.”

– Bill Holman, CIO


J&M Steel has been using Tyfoom for almost 3 years and it has really modernized the way we train and communicate with our employees by increasing employee engagement and helping align our company values, vision, and goals with our people.”

– Craig Madsen, Co-owner

Engage Contracting

Our biggest goal was to modernize the way we communicate with our employees; bringing safety and operational messaging right to their hands. We are very encouraged by the engagement results and feedback…. It’s easy to use, fun and relevant. Tyfoom is making a positive difference and we believe it will enable us to grow our culture and improve safety and operations.”

– Danielle Radke, Manager of Safety & DOT Compliance


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