Simple, Easy, Awesome!

Consistent Training and Communication Increases Productivity



Today’s Task List
See important tasks to be accomplished today

  • Videos
  • Alerts
  • Forms
  • On-Site
  • Company Policies & Documents


Receive Company Communication

Push notification messaging from leadership

Real time messaging directly from management to you. Helps you be in the know about the most important communications.


On-Demand Libraries
Quick access to content anytime. A very simple way to easily access anything you need to help you do your job better.

  • Videos
  • Forms
  • Company Companies & Documents
  • Certificates
  • External Trainings


Pause Scheduled Training
Don’t miss important training and keep your streak by requesting a pause for time off.


Document In-Person Training’s
Digitally sign in to in-person training on your mobile device

Detects location and delivers quiz questions set up by your company. You don’t have to worry about signing in and being frustrated if your training does not end up being on record.


Personal Stats Dashboard
Complete visibility of your key personal metrics (with gamification)

Gives you a quick glance of how you are doing and compare yourself to your teammates.