Colby Jenkins Leadership Training Series:

How to Build An A-Team

Start the new year by developing true leadership in your team!

Develop the skillsets and qualities in your organization that are required to become a better leader.

In this leadership training series, Special Forces A-Team Combat Veteran, Colby Jenkins, shares real-world examples from his military service, corporate consulting and observation of diverse cultures from his travel across six continents.

Jenkins shares experiences and stories as he teaches how to use natural character attributes and developed skillsets to build and support an A-Team.

Build your A-Team

In this series, you will learn how to understand your team’s purpose, how to create a team identity, and how to lead through chaos to overcome unexpected obstacles. You’ll also learn how to ensure your vision and voice are felt and understood as you build your own A-Team.

Jenkins unique perspectives will help your team develop critical leadership and team-building principles to achieve results. His personable and engaging teaching style and combat stories open the minds of his listeners to embrace the leadership principles that he shares.

Jenkins has advised the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presented to the White House West Wing, and trained hundreds on leadership in the corporate business world.

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