Employee Engagement, Communication & Training for Increased Retention!

Improve Employee Morale, Productivity and Retention with Tyfoom!

Using employee engagement as the catalyst for your training and productivity can have a direct impact on your bottom line while helping build a stronger team. In an economic climate where employees are feeling anxious about their future, Tyfoom can help you boost morale for a more confident tomorrow.


Employee engagement is fundamental to increasing morale and productivity in working environments. With Tyfoom, users will receive meaningful, relevant and purposeful communication that helps them to be empowered.


With Tyfoom, you can deliver relevant communication consistently in the flow of work so that employees feel connected with your organization.

  • Transparent and regular top-down communication
  • Zero distortion when sending company messages
  • The ability to see who has or has not seen new messages sent


Tyfoom utilizes a video-based microlearning system so you can provide employees with a complete library of mobile on-demand training videos. And, videos can be quickly created to meet the needs of your employees and enterprise.

  • Isolate the skill sets and best practices for your business
  • Empower employees through increased education
  • Optimize employee learning potential by using bite-sized content

Tyfoom, the #1 Learning & Engagement Platform

Tyfoom makes it easy to create, distribute, manage, and consume microlearning videos for your business. Learn why Tyfoom is the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training by scheduling a demo today!