5 Steps To Developing Relevant Training

Learn how to create training that is relevant, engaging, memorable and quickly implemented

Effective, efficient, and memorable

Providing employees with effective and efficient training can be a challenging endeavor.

It can be equally as nerve-wracking to deliver training in a way that keeps employees engaged and helps them remember what they were taught.

So how does one design training that is relevant, engaging, and easy to remember and implemented? Great question, we’re glad you asked.

5 Steps to developing relevant and effective training

To answer that question, Tyfoom has created a simple five step guide that will explore how to create effective training. They include how to:

  1. Select goal and topic
  2. Identify skill sets & best practices of top performers
  3. Standardize and create content in small chunks
  4. Communicate consistently
  5. Test knowledge and report back

Ready to Deliver Consistent Training from Top to Bottom?

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Tyfoom employs non-disruptive, science-based techniques and gamification to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and increase accountability. From new employee orientation, work safety videos, or maintaining current employee certificates, Tyfoom’s easy-to-use microlearning and engagement platform takes your training courses for employees to the next level.

Connecting employees and leaders daily to improve culture, productivity, and employee engagement is what makes Tyfoom the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training.

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