By Mark Nelson

Welcome back to part two of our four-part series exploring the power of training courses for employees and microlearning apps in building successful leaders. Previously, we examined the shortcomings of traditional in-person leadership training. Today we’ll see how microlearning works and why it’s so successful in employee training.

Small Steps

Tyfoom takes training courses for employees and microlearning one step further by implementing the power of video. While the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds, when viewing a video this number increases significantly to 120 seconds, or two minutes. Why do we find videos so much more engaging than text? Studies have found that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Visuals also generate faster and stronger emotional reactions than words. These emotions help viewers engage with the content and create bonded memories which boost long-term information retention. It’s no surprise that learners retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read.

Harnessing the power of microlearning and video training courses for employees, Tyfoom users recall a staggering 96% of concepts. Tyfoom brings teams of all experience levels together by making it easy for seasoned workers to share knowledge and best practices. Tyfoom also assists managers in identifying the best individuals for the next generation of company leadership by tracking training completion and levels of engagement.

Tyfoom’s video-based microlearning platform makes it easy to record and share crucial information without overwhelming the learner. Easy to film and easy to edit, managers can create simple 2-minute training videos encompassing best practices that can be distributed in minutes. With Tyfoom, companies can train impactful and successful leaders in just 2 minutes per day.

Microlearning works for leadership training because it fulfills the big two demands of long-term retention: rest and refresh. We need breaks between learning sessions because these “rest intervals” allow our brain to replay the learned activity at a lightning-fast pace, cementing it into long-term memory. Video-based microlearning platforms like Tyfoom deliver relevant communication and training in the flow of work so employees remember what they need in the moment.

Giant Leaps

Traditional leadership training on its own is ineffective due to poor timing, poor delivery and poor engagement. The best way to move towards a learning culture that empowers employees to become leaders is to simplify complicated training courses for employees into short bite-sized pieces, delivered consistently every day.

Simple and concise leadership trainings make learning more efficient, rewarding and user-friendly. It is foundational in building a company culture of life-long learners who are happy, engaged and productive. It empowers employees to be more innovative.

This “Less is More” mantra in the workplace is not about minimizing effort; it’s about optimizing impact. This is done by simplifying the complex. Simplification provides clarity and effectiveness and is the key principle of “Less is More.”

With Tyfoom, microlearning takes place in the flow of work through a platform that is aesthetically pleasing to view and easy to interact with. Tyfoom’s consistent, daily learning schedule affords much-needed standardization and scalability to companies looking for a microlearning app, whether they have 5 or 50,000+ employees.

Tyfoom not only provides fully automated, daily trainings with role-specific information, it also contains an in-house library with curated content specific to the company and its brand. The search feature in the Tyfoom Library makes it easy for users to quickly locate company-approved training materials that will help them accomplish the task in the safest and most efficient way.

Leadership Training of the Future

People are far more likely to enjoy learning when it is viewed as an opportunity to actualize their potential. Tyfoom provides autonomy, purpose and mastery which are essential to intrinsic motivation. Shifting a mental state from externally motivated to internally motivated determines whether or not learning is truly internalized and retained. Simply put, employees who want to become more, truly become more successful. The enjoyment found in daily practice quickly makes learning a lifelong habit.

Tyfoom helps organizations create successful leadership trainings by harnessing the power of a microlearning app. To learn more, schedule a meeting to speak with a Tyfoom training consultant.

In the next segment of this series, we will explore the need for simplicity when designing microlearning that can effectively build successful leaders in just minutes a day.