By Frantz Belot, Ph.D.

A Game Changer in Workplace Safety

Workplace safety has become a more integral part of business than ever before. From general industry sectors to specialized fields like construction and warehouse safety, following health and safety standards and regulations isn’t just a legal obligation – it protects your most valuable asset: your people. One highly effective way to accomplish this is through safety training videos for employees – a strategy that blends technology with education to deliver impactful safety training, preventing incidents and injuries.

Engaging with Employee Training

Leveraging training videos to teach employees about safe practices is essential to create an environment that values awareness, safety and achieve a safer work environment. These videos aren’t just about checking off the compliance training requirements, but getting real engagement and buy-in for safety across the company culture. Here’s why:

    • Engaging Visuals: People often learn best through visual content. Videos offer a dynamic way to present occupational safety information that’s easy to understand and remember. Learners can retain up to “95% of a message when they watch it on video.” In fact, Tyfoom users recall more than 96% of concepts.
    • Efficient Learning: Videos allow learners to absorb information at their own pace, resulting in 57% of learners demanding more “just in time” training. This accessibility can boost the retention of safety procedures and guidelines, especially in refresher training scenarios.
    • Diverse Content: From office safety to electrical safety, videos can cover a wide range of safety topics, making them an ideal training tool. This is one reason why 70% of learners prefer video-based microlearning.
    • Increased Awareness: Employees who are engaged are more aware of safety issues. Research shows that an increase in safety awareness boosts safe behavior by 77%. This underscores the importance of consistent daily training.

Employing Interactive Training Programs

Programs that utilize safety training videos provide a comprehensive learning experience that not only just communicate the hazards, but they show how to deal with them.

    • Hazard Communication: Videos can depict potential workplace hazards in a clear and illustrative way, encouraging employees to adopt preventive measures.
    • Practical Demonstrations: Safety training videos can demonstrate the correct usage of personal protective equipment, correct postures for heavy lifting and other safety procedures that are otherwise challenging to communicate through text or verbal instructions.
    • Scenario Simulations: Videos can effectively simulate emergencies like fire safety and fall protection, offering practical instructions and training to handle such events.

Safety Training and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement goes hand in hand with effective safety training. Engaged employees who value safety are more likely to contribute to an interdependent culture that prevents incidents and injuries resulting in a safer work environment. Here’s how:

    • Interactive Learning: Safety training videos can include interactive elements such as quizzes or follow-along activities, enhancing employee engagement and increasing retention of safety procedures.
    • Webinars and Discussion Forums: These allow workers to discuss safety topics, share experiences and contribute to a culture of shared responsibility for safety.

Why Tyfoom is the Right Choice

Tyfoom is an employee engagement platform that enables organizations to build world-class engagement with safety training. Its cutting-edge features offer a platform for effectively distributing safety training videos among employees. It does this through:

    • Customization: Tyfoom allows you to tailor the training content to suit your unique needs, whether meeting OSHA requirements, food safety at a restaurant or hazard communication at a chemical plant.
    • Consistent Engagement: With Tyfoom you can keep your employees engaged through daily, automated video, alerts and relevant training materials that are also available on-demand.
    • Compliance Made Easy: Tyfoom helps ensure OSHA compliance by providing comprehensive training content that covers a wide array of safety topics that increases accountability and engages using gamification.

Creating safety training videos for employees helps organizations foster a culture of safety within the workplace. By leveraging the right employee engagement platform, organizations can make a greater impact on their training program’s effectiveness, ensuring their workers’ welfare and the overall health of their business operations. With an engagement platform like Tyfoom, training becomes more than just checking boxes; it promises a safer and more secure future for your people and your business.

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