Cheat Sheet: Create Effective Training in 7 Minutes or Less

Use this worksheet to create your own effective training

A cheat sheet to effective training

Organizations are faced with the monumental challenge of finding engaging ways to transfer skills and knowledge to employees while helping them feel empowered and confident to do the jobs they are tasked with.

Knowledge transfer helps close the skills gap between employers’ needs and employees’ abilities. Did you know?

  • 42% of company skills are known only by one person
  • 81% of employees are frustrated when they can’t access unique knowledge
  • 63% of employees prefer to work for organizations that value knowledge preservation
  • Yet…new hires spend over 200 hours trying to reinvent the wheel

Our Create Effective Training Cheat Sheet can help you optimize your employee engagement with microlearning videos that can be created in 7 minutes or less.

A new methodology

Tyfoom’s Effective Training Cheat Sheet presents a new methodology designed to reduce the time required to create video-based microlearning. The cheat sheet walks you through the quickest process to create the most effective training modules that are easily remembered and put into practice by your workforce.

Download the Create Effective Training Cheat Sheet today or schedule a demo to find out more.

About Tyfoom

Tyfoom is the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training. We provide a simple and easy way to connect all employees with leaders every day to improve culture, productivity, and employee engagement. Tyfoom employs non-disruptive, science-based techniques and gamification to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and increase accountability.