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Learn how to create impactful and memorable video-based microlearning modules quickly

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We live in a reality where organizations face a difficult challenge: Transferring knowledge to new and current employees in an engaging and effective way. Yet, even if effective, only 10 percent of employees retain information when shared in obsolete or archaic fashions, like training seminars or manuals.

Quick steps to success

Tyfoom’s exclusive e-book helps you create effective training for your employees in 7 minutes or less. We’ll walk you through the basic outline, from planning content to distributing it to your organization via the Training Portal. Then, you’ll learn how quick and easy it is to:

  • Determine Training Topics for Training Modules
  • Isolate Skill Sets & Best Practices
  • Outline Topics in Bite-Sized Chunks
  • Recording the Video
  • Edit the Video

Enter Tyfoom’s engagement platform

While, on average, 70 percent of employees prefer video-based learning, breaking training modules up into bite sizes pieces offers a better avenue for employee development and more room for enhanced engagement. Tyfoom’s video-based microlearning platform allows organizations to break up significant bits of information and spread it across a mobile platform so employees can replay videos, engage with their peers, and keep track of progress lists during onboarding or routine learning lessons.

Enter Tyfoom’s engagement platform for communication and training.

Tyfoom employs non-disruptive, science-based techniques and gamification to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and increase accountability. From new employee orientation, work safety videos, or maintaining current employee certificates, Tyfoom’s easy-to-use microlearning and engagement platform takes your training courses for employees to the next level.

Download the e-book on Creating Effective Training for Your Employees in 7 Minutes or Less to learn more about the best way to create engaging microlearning videos for your employees.

Connecting employees and leaders daily to improve culture, productivity, and employee engagement is what makes Tyfoom the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training.

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