Getting Started With Tyfoom

What is Tyfoom?

Tyfoom is a mobile app that your company will use to deliver training and communication to you. Soon, they will send you an invite through email or text with instructions on how to create your account and start receiving training.

Create your account

Once you receive the invite from your company:

  1. Click on the link to download and install the Tyfoom app
  2. Open the Tyfoom app and enter your work email address
  3. Confirm your account by entering a one-time passcode that will be sent via email or text (if available), and create your password

Next steps

After you have logged into your account and gone through the intro screens, any tasks your company has assigned to you will be displayed on your home screen. For example, you may have a video from leadership welcoming you and explaining why your company has decided to use Tyfoom.