Today, the impact of technology in the workplace is unimaginable. It has modified the way traditional workplaces used to work. Technology in the workplace acts as a facilitator that makes an action or process uncomplicated to keep the whole workflow smooth and on track.

Workplace management covers all resources, property, programs, technology, and processes that enhance the knowledge of workers to cooperate, innovate, work as a team, and learn. Organizations aim to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, as well as financial benefits through enhanced workplace management. Workplace management transcends the scope of traditional facility management functions, as it aims to improve workforce productivity and collaboration. Not as a support feature, however, as a strategic instrument to support business objectives and delivering measurable value. Most of the organizations aim to enhance collaboration and productivity in their core business with activity-based workplace concepts and services, permitting people to choose where, when, how, and with whom they work. As an effort to help organizations in their workplace management and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, CIO Applications’ 2019 edition has compiled some of the leading solution providers of workplace management that can help organizations to increase their productivity, profitability, and security. In this issue of ‘Top 25 Workplace Management Solution Providers,’ we have listed out few leading companies such as BGIS, Hoylu and Tyfoom that help organizations to make their business processes highly integrated and more streamlined. By implementing new technological solutions in workplace management, business leaders can ensure optimal profitability and productivity in their workplace. We present to you CIO Applications’, “Top 25 Workplace Management Solution Providers – 2019.”

What are the pain-points existing in the workplace management space, and how can Tyfoom effectively address these issues? Competition is fierce, and customers are more demanding than ever. Finding and retaining the best talent in the workplace is also a challenge. Leading companies have to ensure that their workplace management solutions can keep up with the demands of customers and their employees. In this arena, OLD SCHOOL IS NOT COOL! Invest and innovate or DIE! Companies need to provide their employees training that is part of their workflow and not something that is perceived to “take them out of their workflow.” Tyfoom empowers companies to do this by delivering non-invasive notifications to employees, microlearning videos, and short quizzes. Employees don’t even need to remember that they need to be trained, Tyfoom reminds them. This enables employees to be trained in less than three minutes per workday. As long as the content is relevant to their day-to-day work responsibilities, the training will be perceived as a value add and not a disturbance.

What does the future hold for Tyfoom?

We are constantly listening to and learning from our customers and adding new features and product improvements to our platform. Our internal team continues to expand as we welcome new additions to the Tyfoom family. Our company is focused on learning about what impacts high performing employees. Then we provide employers and employees with a tool that will help them accomplish their goals. We’re sure that as we move forward, we will implement complementary technologies that may include AI, AR, VR, and wearables. We’re also sure there are more technologies that we’re not even aware of at this time that will enable us to meet the needs of companies and employees better. Think of it, just over ten years ago, the technology we utilize (smartphones) didn’t exist.
We are in the business of helping people become more and to be their best. At the end of the day, we want people to have the right tools to achieve their highest potential. If we can be successful at this, everyone will win—customers, companies, families, and of course, the employees themselves. We know that to do this, learning is key, feedback is essential, and that both employees and employers need to work together. That is our business. We always keep in mind that we created a cool product to help people. We also believe that there are many things that we don’t know. But as long as we stay close to our customers and listen to them, we will hit the mark more often than not. We’re grateful for our customers/partners that trust us to help their companies. We’re also grateful to have such a great team with the vision to be an influence for good in the world!

Most employee training and communication systems are a nightmare. Boring, time- consuming, painful training (or lack of it) costs companies money every day. Tyfoom has pioneered the world’s simplest mobile productivity, training, and communication platform— empowering companies to develop rockstar employees and increase their bottom line. Following is the conversation that CIO Applications had with Mark L. Nelson, the CEO and Frantz Belot, the president of Tyfoom, about the world-class productivity, training, and communication platform that they deliver to enhance learning, retention, and job performance.

Please elaborate on the recent trends in the workplace management space. Technology continues to change the way we learn, work, and live. The speed of business is increasing, and this requires timely and meaningful workplace management solutions to stay relevant as a company. Old training and communication methods are just that, OLD. Most employees dread having to sit down at an LMS and take required training. The best companies realize that what got them to where they are, will not get them to where they need to be in the future. Having a mobile-first training and communication strategy can supplement (or replace) existing methodologies—and this will increase employee engagement and productivity.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of traditional training seems to depend upon the person who is delivering the training or the system that is being used to deliver the training. There are a lot of problems with that. The key is to broadcast the training in the right format on the right platform. Tyfoom turns mobile devices into a productivity tool that gets used and delivers business results. Our simple to use system allows companies to deliver consistent training from top to bottom with full accountability and visibility. Any process or information that needs trained or communicated can be delivered and documented via Tyfoom.

Please walk us through Tyfoom’s workplace management Solution based on its methodology, features, and benefits involved. Proprietary, engaging content coupled with a mobile-first platform is key. The learning content should be commensurate with the learning device. Delivering engaging microlearning through a familiar device significantly increases the likelihood that employees will engage in the training, change their behavior, and achieve business results. Tyfoom’s mobile training platform and its methodology to develop content are designed to stimulate cognitive abilities, enhance retention, and reinforce positive behavior. Tyfoom’s methodology is based on learning principles for modern learners.

Now let us define simple: 1 – receive a notification on your smartphone, 2 – tap to view your 1.5-2 minute video, 3 – answer a three-question quiz, and your training is done for the day. That’s three steps in about three minutes. That’s as simple as it comes. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Over time, the information is digested and applied — and employee performance improves significantly. Simple gets used! Simple wins!

Tyfoom allows companies to select and deliver Tyfoom or company produced content to their employees. For example, if we have employees in Salt Lake City and another team in Atlanta that are performing similar jobs, we can make sure they receive the same training and communication (and managers have full visibility of who has and has not seen the training/communication). Tyfoom allows all levels of management to see if company communication was read, how each employee is doing, what content are they viewing, how well they are doing in their quizzes, what certificates will be expiring, what other training have they had or are they missing, and so much more. Tyfoom records all training and communications and gives management a simple performance score to quickly evaluate all employees by. This gives companies a lead measure to affect change before it’s too late. When a company can see what’s happening in their organization, they can hold their employees accountable.