Tyfoom announced that it has partnered with WCF to bring policyholders a world class productivity, training, and communication platform.

Tyfoom is the perfect tool to help employees receive training during the workflow when they need it most and still be productive. This technology allows employees to receive short, yet powerful training on their smartphones (says Bryan Olsen, WCF VP of Health and Safety). Tyfoom’s platform also includes a rich library of proprietary content that incorporates OSHA training as well as HR and other compliance mandates that are accessible anywhere at any time. This is exciting to WCF because Tyfoom continues to develop robust features that improves safety and productivity — which helps our policyholders profitability (added Mr. Olsen).

Tyfoom is honored to partner with WCF Insurance because of their dedication to the safety and health of their policyholders. WCF is a visionary company that is leveraging our innovative technology to keep employees safe on the job and at home. Tyfoom shares the same vision as WCF and is committed to delivering real results through the easiest, most cost effective, training and communication system in the world.