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Tyfoom 1.6

Mobile offline mode for home, library (videos, forms, policy, certificates, external training) pause, on-site, stat pages. Added Company separate documents Company form policies now have the ability to schedule and assign forms.

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Tyfoom 1.5.5

Wow our developers have been busy! Not only did they add digital forms where you can create, customize and collect digital forms. They added Spanish subtitles and quiz questions to the entire Tyfoom video library and closed captioning. They also expanded time zone functionality for the Company and group assignments....

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Tyfoom hires a Chief Revenue Officer

Tyfoom welcomes Jeff Moore as the new Chief Revenue Officer and a member of the executive team. Jeff leads all revenue functions for the company. Jeff’s background includes helping launch the first ever adult learning platform in the education market which grew to over one million registered educators across all...

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Tyfoom 1.5

Tyfoom- 1.5 August 2020 Bug fixes and enhanced the functionality in many areas of the admin site.

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Tyfoom Partners Up with MCAA

Tyfoom teamed up with Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) to provide its members with an opportunity to use Tyfoom in the workplace. MCAA provides its “members with high-quality educational materials and programs to help them attain the highest level of managerial and technical expertise.” MCAA is...

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