FOUNDED 2017  CITY Springville  EMPLOYEES 7, plus 20 contractors  INDUSTRY Training/Software  WEBSITE FOUNDER Mark Nelson, 48  THE COMPANY A mobile productivity, training and communication platform.


Companies are jumping on the Tyfoom train, thanks to its offerings of consistent, engaging training programs (read: not mind-numbingly boring) and enhanced productivity for employees. And from crucial safety trainings to statistics to accountability metrics to helpful alerts, Tyfoom has grown 300% in paid user growth this year.


  1. “Transform the way companies train and communicate.”

  2. “Attract the brightest and best individuals to be part of the Tyfoom team.”

  3. “Help and inspire millions of talented people who make things happen!”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Exhilaration. Anxiety. Hope.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Helping team members and client partners do more, become more and be more successful.”

BUSINESS FRUSTRATION “People and companies being ‘too busy’ to do simple things that will make them more successful.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “Great business partners and team – and an amazing wife and family. I love the ‘hunt’ of creating something that will make a difference in the world.