Sample Microlearning Video and Outline

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Sample outline

Area For Improvement: Team Collaboration and Communication
Topic: Helping your employees better handle conflict in the workplace.
Skill: Avoiding Defensive Behavior


When something negative happens, a conversation gets heated, a dispute arises or anything of that sort occurs, avoiding defensive behavior will help the situation.

3 Main Points

In a heated situation, there are typically two types of reactions. Humans tend to attack or defend. Recognizing these reactions can help you defuse a situation.

Defensive behavior can make a situation worse. Examples include: Eye rolling, ignoring another, shaking of the head, frowning, making faces, refusing to speak, arguing, blaming others, swearing, provoking, or denying actions.

If there is a conflict or issue at work it is best to stay calm and politely try to keep them calm. Try to calm the other person down and suggest you continue the conversation when both of you are calm and have had time to think.

Close and Call To Action

If you cannot defuse defensive behavior simply walkaway to cool down, or to allow a co-worker to cool down.

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