The True Costs of Training

Discover how much you are really spending to train your employees

How much are you really spending to train your employees?

Find out by answering two questions in our online calculator to see how much you are – or should be – spending to keep your workforce properly trained.

Nationwide, organizations spend an average of $182.34 per employee each month on training. With less investment, long-term retention drops below 21%.

Companies using Tyfoom spend a fraction of this with long-term retention above 95%.

Why such a difference? Two reasons:

First, hidden costs. Second, the science behind video-based microlearning.

What are the hidden costs of training?

What most learning software vendors don’t tell you are how much time you’ll spend creating courses, managing the platform, and how much time employees will spend to complete each training.

Instead, they highlight the low monthly cost of their software, knowing they’ll make more with onboarding their software (which may take months) or ongoing services.

Then, when training programs begin to fail, they offer costly services to create 30-to-60-minute-long training modules for you – which take employees away from work, are boring, and may not reflect your way of doing things.

With Tyfoom , your employees spend just under 2 minutes a day (less than an hour per month) completing video-based microlearning courses. Admins of Tyfoom may spend less than half of the time of others creating training, and we have hundreds of out-of-the-box videos ready to go so you can be up and running on Day 1.

What is Video-based Microlearning

Video-based microlearning is a scientific approach that uses the daily delivery of simple, short video communication to provide a consistent cadence and repetition of topics that builds retention and confidence in learners.

Video-based microlearning content is easily-created and searchable on-demand so organizations can standardize all of their best practices.

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