Tyfoom Case Study: Jones Paint & Glass

Jones Paint & Glass increased revenue, boosted engagement and reduced incidents with specialized employee training

Decreased injuries; increased savings

Discover how Jones Paint & Glass transformed their operational challenges  with Tyfoom, achieving a remarkable 95% decrease in OSHA recordable injuries and significant cost savings. Once burdened by costly, ineffective safety meetings and a one-size-fits-all training approach, Jones Paint & Glass turned to Tyfoom for a solution tailored to their diverse needs. With over 400 employees spread across multiple locations, maintaining consistent training and communication was a logistical nightmare.

Tyfoom revolutionized their training processes, allowing for brief, impactful learning sessions that employees could undertake during downtime, leading to immediate and measurable results.

This case study will guide you through their journey to build a streamlined, engaging training program that not only reduced costs but also significantly lowered their e-mod score, keeping their workers’ compensation rates competitive. Learn how Jones Paint & Glass enhanced employee engagement and a safer work environment.

Curious to see how your business could benefit similarly? Download the full case study to explore how Tyfoom helped Jones Paint & Glass set a new standard for operations.

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