Tyfoom Case Study: Wheeler Machinery

Wheeler increased employee engagement, reduced incidents and bolstered productivity with clear, consistent communication

Becoming the #1 CAT Dealer in North America for safety

Learn how Wheeler Machinery Co., Utah’s largest equipment dealer, turned safety training on its head with Tyfoom, leading to a safer, more engaged workforce.

Facing the challenge of ineffective safety meetings and poor communication across 10 locations, Wheeler embraced Tyfoom’s video-based microlearning platform, transforming the way safety training and compliance documentation are delivered and managed.

This case study reveals Wheeler’s journey to build engaging safety practices that comply with stringent OSHA and DOT regulations, significantly enhances employee satisfaction and reduces accidents. By utilizing Tyfoom, Wheeler has:

  • Experienced a dramatic increase in employee engagement
  • Ensured content and communication are viewed within 24 hours of release
  • Easily maintained accurate safety records for regulatory compliance

With Tyfoom, Wheeler has bridged the communication gap across generations and locations, ensuring consistent, effective safety messaging that resonates with every employee.

Explore how innovative approaches to training and communication can make safety not just a requirement, but a culture, boosting overall productivity and morale. Download the full case study now to see how Wheeler became the number one CAT Dealer in North America for safety.

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