Corporate Backgrounder

Corporate overview

Headquartered in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, Tyfoom was founded in 2017 to empower organizations and individuals to become more.

Tyfoom is the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training. The company provides a simple and easy way to connect all employees with leaders every day to improve culture, productivity and employee engagement. Tyfoom employs non-disruptive, science-based techniques and gamification to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and increase accountability.

Tyfoom helps organizations communicate any process, best practice, or other information in the flow of work to ensure it is viewed, understood, and utilized. With a 70% daily engagement rate – better than most social media platforms – organizations can be confident that their employees will adopt Tyfoom.

Unlike other communication and training platforms,  Tyfoom combines the simplicity and ease of in-person communication and training with a platform that consistently delivers highly-engaging video-based communication and training in a way that builds a connection between workers and their organizations.

Organizations can be up and running on day one with hundreds of ready-to-go, relevant and engaging training that workers have at their fingertips. The platform also provides instant visibility when messages are viewed, ensuring accountability.

Tyfoom makes it easy for organizations to create and distribute their own content. Because video content is 83% easier to recall, organizations can be certain that workers will retain important information.

Corporate facts

Founded: May 2017
Location: Springville, Utah/Silicon Slopes
NPS score: 9.06/10
Operating systems supported: iOS, Android, web

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