Get Help Getting Help: A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Mental Health Services

Use this guide to find the right mental health professional for you

A guide to getting help

Seeking the right help for your mental health is crucial, but it can be overwhelming and confusing. This quick guide provides an overview on the different types of mental health professionals and includes practical steps for finding and starting services

  • Mental health issues cost the global economy around $1 trillion every year.
  • This includes 12 billion working days lost to depression and anxiety annually – the equivalent of 50 million years of work.
  • 1 out of every 6 employees experiences mental health problems at work, but 43% fear retribution if they talk to their employer about mental health issues.
  • It’s worse in the construction industry: 83% of construction workers in the US have experienced severe mental health issues, yet only 17% say they would discuss mental health issues with supervisors.
  • 81% of businesses say they have increased their focus on employee mental health.

Our Get Help Getting Help: A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Mental Health Services can help employees know the difference between the types of providers and how to find one that is best for them.

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