Time Tracking simplifies time tracking and reporting, improves efficiency, and provides real-time visibility into employee performance

Springville, Utah — May 10, 2023 — 
Tyfoom, the leading engagement platform for employee communication and training, today announced the availability of Tyfoom Time Tracking, a user-friendly tool that simplifies employee time tracking and reporting. Time Tracking is designed to improve employee efficiency, reduce time tracking errors, and provide real-time visibility into employee performance to help make mission-critical decisions based on data.

Time Tracking is a robust solution that offers a range of features to simplify and streamline employee time tracking and reporting. With this tool, businesses can easily track employee time, monitor time spent on specific job sites or locations, and match hours to specific cost codes. This reduces time tracking errors and simplifies the payroll process for human resources and payroll teams.

Intuitive Time Tracking
Time Tracking is designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to clock in and out of work. They can do this by simply tapping the “clock in” or “clock out” button on the Tyfoom mobile app. Users can also add comments to time logs and view their history. In case of errors, both administrators and employees can change previous time logs, with built-in user controls and limitations allowing for quick corrections when needed. Administrators can also easily manage cost codes and job sites, and even require users to be within a geo-fenced location to clock in.

Simplified Payroll Process
With Time Tracking, businesses can simplify their payroll process. The solution allows them to create time tracking reports that can be imported into other tools and popular payroll and accounting software. Reports may be generated for an entire company, division, group, tag and individual employees. This makes it a powerful and versatile solution for businesses with hourly employees or that need to account for hours based on location.

Real-Time Visibility
Time Tracking provides real-time visibility into employee performance. The tool allows administrators to track time quickly and easily, generate reports, and monitor who is clocked in and the location of the employee when they clocked in and out. Users can see a current view and history of the amount of time worked. Reporting and visibility features increase accountability and ensure compliance with policies.

“At Tyfoom, we are committed to providing innovative and engaging solutions that make it easier and more efficient for businesses to succeed,” said Mark Nelson, CEO, Tyfoom. “Tyfoom Time Tracking makes time tracking easier, reduces errors, and simplifies reporting and payroll, enabling organizations to focus on what really matters – growing their business.”

Tyfoom Time Tracking is currently available within the Tyfoom app and administrator dashboard as a live preview for no additional cost to current subscribers through the end of Q2 2023. For more information about Tyfoom’s new time tracking tool and how it can benefit your business, visit www.tyfoom.com, or schedule a call with a Tyfoom consultant at: www.tyfoom.com/meet-with-a-tyfoom-consultant.

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