More productive
employees in less than
2 minutes a day

Tyfoom users:
– Retain 96% of concepts
– View 94% of messages daily
– Are 92% engaged at work

Employee Engagement Platform


Accelerate Employee Training

Employees forget 70% of information in 1 day. 81% of employees are frustrated when they can't access company knowledge.

Automate the consistent delivery of short, engaging training that is retained and used, not just completed for compliance.


Increase Employee Engagement

Only 33% of the US workforce is engaged. Engaged teams are 23% more profitable and have nearly 60% less employee turnover.

Build a strong company culture with top-down engagement that is automated, purposeful, and improves your bottom line.


Improve Workforce Communication

Ineffective communication costs companies 1 in 5 workdays. Daily communication makes employees 3 times more productive.

Ensure your workforce gets role-specific communication and content with instant visibility when they read.

2 Minutes to better employees

Say goodbye to long, boring training, unread internal email and a disconnected workforce. In about 2 minutes each day, your employees will become excited, informed and knowledgeable.

With Tyfoom, you improve your bottom line, company culture and employee engagement. And, engaged businesses are 21% more profitable and more productive.


Video Trainings Completed




Average Quiz Score


Daily Engagement Rate*

Stop overcomplicating training

It shouldn’t be difficult to implement engaging training and communication for an on-the-go workforce that is actually relevant, remembered and implemented. 

Rethink how you train by downloading our 5 Steps To Developing Relevant Training white paper today.

How Tyfoom Works

Watch 1-2 Minute Video

Answer 3 Questions

Track Your Progress

Modernize communication & training

Stop competing for the attention of your time-strapped, remote and on-the-go workforce who have short attention spans and feel disconnected. Tyfoom makes it simple and easy to provide consistent, daily communication and training to your employees.

Improve employee engagement, retention, and company culture.

Accelerate knowledge transfer

Employees forget 70% of information in just 1 day – and it costs you. With a 95% retention rate, Tyfoom helps you transfer knowledge so your employees remember essential information when they need it, and easily access wherever they are when they forget.

Transform training from an information dump into knowledge.

Team Training

Develop successful employees

Empower employees by standardizing, documenting and distributing best practices with bite-sized video-based content that is fingertip accessible and easy to apply. Prevent safety incidents, re-work and mitigate risk while increasing adoption and accountability. 

‌Simple to manage. Easy to consume, understand and put to use. 



Safety Training






On-site training


Certificate tracking

Policies and document

Custom badges


QR codes

Badges and onboarding

Policies and documents

Tracking dashboard

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*Tyfoom’s monthly engagement rate is over 91%