Release includes QR Codes, On-Site Meeting Enhancements, Mobile Alerts, Mobile Flagged Form Review, and Time Tracking features to help boost performance and productivity

Springville, Utah — May 10, 2023 — 
Tyfoom, the leading engagement platform for employee communication and training, today announced the Spring 2023 platform update, providing features designed specifically to help companies better engage, train and communicate with a workforce that is increasingly mobile and remote.

Key features released as part of the Spring 2023 platform update include:

QR Codes
Administrators can now create QR codes for videos, badges, forms, documents, and policies to make and share essential information with users. QR codes can be placed on equipment, at worksites, and more. Users then simply scan the QR code from their mobile device to access this information, increasing compliance and making communication more efficient.

On-site Meetings
The new update introduces several on-site meeting enhancements, including the scheduling and recording attendance of meetings from within the mobile app. In addition, attendance can by recorded when users scan a QR code, click on a link, or join by code, and are geotagged to confirm their location for compliance. Administrators can also make additional resources, including training videos, safety protocols, and company policies available to meeting attendees by QR code, links and alerts.

Mobile Alerts
Administrators can now draft, schedule and send alerts directly from their mobile devices within the Tyfoom app. Alerts can be sent to an entire organization, groups, divisions, tags and employees, based on permissions and includes support for text, photos, video and documents within the alert. Administrators can assign priority and request that users acknowledge the alert.

Form Management
A new flagged form review feature allows users to address compliance issues quickly and avoid potential risks from their mobile device anyplace, at any time. Users and administrators can assign and review flagged forms from their mobile device, enabling them to manage issues reported from within forms more efficiently and effectively.

Time Tracking
Additionally, Tyfoom has announced a new time tracking “live preview.” The Time Tracking feature allows users to track their time and attendance easily by job/location and cost code, simplifying the process of payroll and providing managers with real-time visibility into employee performance. Time Tracking will be available at no cost to current subscribers through the end of Q2 2023. For more information about Time Tracking, visit:

“We are thrilled to introduce these new features to our mobile app, which will help workers become more efficient, teams stay better connected, and boost employee performance,” said Mark Nelson, CEO, Tyfoom. “We are confident that these new features will make a significant impact on the businesses we serve and help them power and engage their workforce more effectively.

Features of the Spring 2023 release are now available to all customers and are currently available in the Tyfoom mobile app and administrator dashboard. To request a demo of Tyfoom, visit

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