By Chris Walker

Harnessing the Power of Video-Based Microlearning for Productivity and Growth

Tyfoom achieved a significant milestone this week, as users completed over 10 million trainings. This achievement underscores the undeniable benefits of video-based microlearning in the modern workplace, and the quick adoption of the platform.

Through video-based microlearning, organizations can communicate any process, best practice, or other information within the flow of work to ensure it is viewed, understood, and utilized by employees. In fact, Tyfoom users retain approximately 95% of concepts taught in microlearning videos.

Tyfoom boasts 58 million total user interactions on the platform, spanning a  wide spectrum of activities from employee training and alerts to forms and messaging. With more than a 72% daily engagement rate (91% monthly), organizations can have confidence that their workforce will readily adopt and use Tyfoom, fostering a highly-engaged learning culture.

Companies leveraging the Tyfoom platform to consistently deliver video-based microlearning content have experienced a remarkable upswing in productivity, heightened awareness, and overall improvement. Simultaneously, they’ve seen a substantial decrease in safety incidents, quality defects, and the need for rework.

This is a clear indication of how organizations benefit from – and crave – a system that effectively tackles the root causes of poor training and communication.

Furthermore, organizations see the need to prioritize preserving institutional knowledge and empowering employees through learning. Addressing the skills gap through employee training, facilitating knowledge transfer, and fostering a connected and engaged workforce are crucial to their success. Microlearning videos on leadership, soft skills and industry topics expand Tyfoom’s robust training content library.

The Tyfoom platform contributes significantly to these goals by offering personalized learning experiences featuring engaging and relevant content, delivered in bite-sized and engaging microlearning videos that are available on demand is crucial in today’s business landscape. This approach results in employee high retention rates and creates opportunities for rapid achievement, making it a vital asset for modern workplaces. Tyfoom’s microlearning video approach enables the efficient transfer of knowledge and skills to employees.

This is what makes Tyfoom the #1 engagement platform for employee communication and training.

Benefits of microlearning videos

Microlearning video content is a powerful employee training tool for knowledge transfer and skill development. Here are some key advantages:

    • Bridging the skills gap: The skills gap is a major concern for organizations, costing them billions of dollars annually. Tyfoom’s video-based microlearning approach facilitates the transfer of essential skills and knowledge to employees efficiently and non-disruptively. By completing these trainings, employees equip themselves with the expertise required to excel in their roles.
    • Connecting and empowering employees: When employers create their own microlearning video content, it fosters a sense of connection and empowerment among employees. This approach allows for user-generated, manager-approved content, enhancing engagement and promoting a strong organizational culture. Crafting customized microlearning videos fosters strong connections between employees and organizations.
    • Improved retention and knowledge accessibility: On average, it takes less than 3 minutes for employees to view each training or message and answer the associated quiz, resulting in improved knowledge retention exceeding 95% after 31 days. Tyfoom’s mobile-first design ensures that videos are easily accessible, providing employees with an on-demand resource for quick reference.
    • Standardization of best practices: Microlearning video content ensures that organizations can maintain standardization of their best practices. By offering short, digestible microlearning content, employees are more likely to adhere to established procedures, reducing the risk of seeking information on external platforms.
    • Efficiency and time savings: Creating video-based microlearning video content takes less than 7 minutes, significantly less time than traditional employee training methods. As a result, employees can reduce their monthly training time that keeps them from work while also increasing retention levels and higher recall.
    • Learner engagement: Around 70% of employees prefer short video-based learning because it allows for detailed and illustrative learning content that is engaging and easy to retain. The microlearning video format makes training content easily digestible for modern, mobile, and online learners.
    • Mobile accessibility: Mobile training using video-based microlearning leads to 72% higher engagement levels and 45% faster completion rates with better retention. Having a centralized training library accessible on mobile devices ensures that employees have the information they need at their fingertips.
    • Knowledge transfer and skill development: Video-based microlearning allows organizations to transfer knowledge and skills efficiently, fostering empowerment, engagement, and connection among employees. This not only boosts productivity but also reduces employee turnover.

The future of video-based microlearning

As Tyfoom continues to shape the landscape of employee training and engagement, it’s worth delving into the endless possibilities that this innovative platform holds. With its remarkable 10 million training completions milestone and the proven effectiveness of video-based microlearning, the future looks brighter than ever before.

Tyfoom continues to expand its content library to cover a broader spectrum of topics. From leadership to soft skills development to industry-specific knowledge, a comprehensive range of microlearning video content can benefit any organization.

By continuously innovating and adapting to the changing needs of organizations and learners, Tyfoom will continue to revolutionize employee training, communication and engagement. The journey towards a highly-engaged learning culture continues, and Tyfoom is at the forefront of this knowledge transfer transformation.


Tyfoom’s achievement of 10 million video-based microlearning completions is a testament to the power of microlearning in modern organizations. But Tyfoom goes beyond video-based microlearning by providing a simple and easy way to connect all employees with leaders every day to improve culture, productivity, and employee engagement.

By embracing this approach, companies can bridge the skills gap, connect and empower their employees, and enjoy the benefits of higher retention rates and the standardization of best practices. In today’s competitive business landscape, video-based microlearning is not just a trend; it’s a strategic advantage that fosters engaged, productive, and empowered teams. Microlearning video training through Tyfoom bridges skill gaps and empowers effective teams.

If you want to learn more about implementing video-based microlearning in your organization, please schedule an appointment to speak with a Tyfoom training consultant